Challenges of Mobile Dewatering

Euroby is the trusted provider of mobile dewatering services for a wide range of clients across a variety of industries and sectors. But what is mobile dewatering, and what unique skills and experience does Euroby bring?

Get your boots and gloves on, let’s go and take a closer look.


Sludge and dewatering

Sludge is a consequence or by-product of more activities and processes than you might think. Just a few examples include environmental waste treatment, effluent treatment, food processing, brewing and quarrying. Sometimes it is an inevitable by-product of a manufacturing process, while in other cases, it builds up following cleaning activities, as a result of precipitation or during other processes.

Dewatering uses advanced processes of filtering or decanting sludge to separate the solid and liquid, thereby reducing the overall volume. Of course, every sludge is different in terms of its chemical composition, and therefore there is no simple one-step solution to dewatering – every project needs to be considered on its own merits.

Challenges of mobile dewatering

Euroby has been operating in this segment for many years, and is well aware of the very specific challenges that mobile dewatering can bring. Here are just three examples of the challenges we face every day:

  • Urgency – we sometimes feel like the fourth emergency service. When a client needs dewatering services, they can’t wait around for a week – they expect us to be onsite instantly, with the right equipment and appropriately skilled staff. Take one look at our mobile dewatering equipment, and you will understand that this is not the sort of kit that a business can afford to have standing idle, so our resource management processes have, by necessity, developed into a fine art.
  • Logistics is another common challenge. Invariably, the more remote a site is, the larger the equipment they seem to need. We work with numerous suppliers and, where necessary, regulatory bodies, to get everything and everyone where they need to be and when they need to be there – but it is often a challenge!
  • Procuring additional equipment, such as finding local generator hire services at 2AM in a remote location on the eve of a Royal Wedding weekend. There is also the question of getting hold of the necessary chemicals to deal with a particular type of sludge. These are the kinds of challenges we relish, and it all comes down to those years of experience and a tried and trusted resource management process.

Why Euroby?

Euroby uses a vast range of equipment and has every conceivable type of mobile sludge and effluent dewatering units for hire, including thickening and dewatering decanter centrifuges, filter presses, belt presses and disc stack separators. Not only that, but we can provide them to operate at any scale from five cubic metres per hour right up to 120.

In other words, we have the scope and capacity to deliver exactly the right tools to fit a specific job, unlike some, who will try to make the job fit to whatever equipment they happen to have available! The equipment is supplied on either a mobile or semi-mobile rig, again depending on the scale and duration of the project.

Whatever your dewatering needs, you can rest assured that Euroby has the resources, experiences and procedures in place, so please get in touch with us via our contact page or give us a ring on 01903 694400