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Beverage Production: High Quality And Improved Profitability

Our mechanical separation technology used in the manufacture of beverages, optimises yield while guaranteeing consistent quality. Our decanters, separators, 3-phase machines and belt presses are used for various applications in beverage manufacture:

Manufacturing fruit juice, direct juice and vegetable juice

Economical production of fruit juice, direct juice and vegetable juice is characterised by more than just outstanding juice quality. It is just as important to achieve a high raw material yield with the lowest possible complexity for the operation, maintenance and servicing of the centrifuges, belt presses and lines used.

Manufacture of beer

Mechanical separation technology in the manufacture of beer optimises yield while guaranteeing consistent beer quality. Our decanters, separators and belt presses are used for various applications in beer manufacture:

  • Dewatering brewer’s grains
  • Beer recovery from surplus yeast
  • Wort recovery from hot trub
  • Green beer separation
  • Clarification of beer before filtration
  • Defined turbidity adjustment
  • Reduction in brewery wastewater

The Right Centrifuge For Each Brewing Process

We know about the responsibility of the master brewer during beer manufacture. As a result, we always strive to meet the specific requirements of the breweries with our decanters, separators and belt presses as effectively as possible.

  • Decanter for wort recovery from hot trub
  • Separators for clarification before filtration, four green beer clarification and for defined turbidity adjustment
  • Belt presses for dewatering brewer’s grains

Manufacture of wine

Quality is the decisive success factor when it comes to manufacturing wine. Efficient treatment procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process play a central role. Our decanters and separators have been specifically configured for must clarification, lees processing and wine clarification. They make a valuable contribution to efficient wine manufacturing.

Our decanters and separators are used in various ways in wineries. The combination can be used for increasing efficiency and cutting the costs of must clarification, lees processing and wine clarification. Overall, it delivers decisive economic and quality advantages in wine manufacturing.

Manufacture of coffee and instant coffee

Mechanical separation technology has a decisive influence on coffee quality and production efficiency in the manufacture of coffee and instant coffee. With decanters, 3-phase machines, belt presses and separators, it is possible to obtain maximum yield from the valuable coffee beans, and ensure high coffee quality in an economical way.

In order to manufacture instant coffee, coffee extract is first produced in extraction cells. The wet coffee grounds separated out from the cells still contain high proportions of high-quality extract. Our belt presses are outstandingly suitable for extract recovery from coffee grounds. Modern processing companies increased their yield during continuous processing by squeezing the coffee grounds.

Economical Complete Solutions For Coffee Manufacture

We offer decanters, separators, 3-Phase machines and belt presses for manufacturing top-quality coffee and instant coffee:

  • Belt presses for extract recovery from extraction residues (coffee grounds)
  • Separators for refining the thin and thick extract
  • Decanters for extract recovery from the separator slurries
  • 3-Phase machines for extracting coffee oil

Centrifuges offer numerous advantages in the manufacture of beverages

Beverage manufacturing requires a good understanding of the particular process. Every beverage is unique and has its specific requirements. Euroby identifies the best solution with tailor-made separation technology. We generate additional potential using our decanters, separators, 3-phase machines and belt presses:

  • Cost reduction by optimisation and standardisation of processes
  • Avoidance of fluctuations in the process sequence
  • Energy saving and husbanding of natural resources
  • Reduction in cleaning and wastewater costs
  • Simple to use, continuous operation and low maintenance requirements
  • Low space requirement and easy installation in ongoing processes
  • Optimum yield, outstanding quality, trouble-free environmental compatibility and uncompromising efficiency
  • Consistent use of stainless steel for very high hygienic standards