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Edible Fats / Oils

Oil Processing

During the extraction of olive oil or palm oil, the plant constituents (seeds, fruits, skins) are pressed and milled. The oil they contain is collected, purified and processed in several processes by means of centrifugal refining and separation technology.

Extraction of seed oil or press oil focuses on maximum yield at the same time as careful treatment. Tailor-made decanters and separators help to optimise the overall process decisively.


There are numerous possible applications for decanters and separators in manufacturing bioethanol and biodiesel. All the possibilities have as their objective securing the future of energy supply and making it as economical as possible.

Processing Animal/Fish

Recycling animal carcasses and processing slaughterhouse waste ensure effective and economical extraction of fats and animal protein.

Manufacturing surimi and processing fish and fish byproducts produce a higher yield with lower process costs, and deliver an oil with a high market value.

There are also numerous possible applications for centrifuges in tanneries to process limed fleshings as a means of recovering animal fats. Overall, the amount of waste to be disposed of is drastically reduced and valuable fat is recovered.

Algae Harvesting

The Enalgy concept can be used successfully for a highly efficient algae harvest and oil extraction. As a result, harvest and investment costs are drastically reduced with the result being a high-quality algae concentrate with low further processing costs

Centrifuges for Extraction of Oil and Fat, and Manufacturing Biofuels

Centrifuges are often the focal point of process engineering systems used in oil and fat extraction as well as for manufacturing biofuels. They are used in various applications:

  • Extracting of olive oil
  • Manufacturing and refining of palm oil
  • Refining of seed oil
  • Refining of press oil
  • Manufacturing bioethanol with decanter centrifuges: Dewatering of stillage for lower energy consumption
  • Manufacturing biodiesel: Biodiesel glycerol separation, biodiesel washing, biodiesel fine clarification, removal of sterol glucosides, glycerol processing and salt washing
  • Recycling of animal carcasses
  • Processing of slaughterhouse waste / byproducts
  • Manufacture of surimi
  • Processing of fish and fish byproducts
  • Processing of limed fleshings for recovering animal fats: Processing of limed fleshings, recovery of animal fats, processing of wastewater in tanneries, processing of tannery waste
  • Enalgy – highly efficient algae harvest and oil extraction