Industry Sectors

Our products and services can fit seemlessly into a number of industy sectors including:

macro of olive oil for background use

Edible Fats / Oils

Centrifuges are often the focal point of process engineering systems used in oil and fat extraction as well as for manufacturing biofuels. They are used in various applications such as extracting and refining oils.

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Beverage Production

Mechanical separation technology in the manufacture of beverages optimises yield while guaranteeing consistent quality. Flottweg decanters, separators, Tricanter® machines and belt presses are used for various applications in beverage manufacture.

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chemical-plantChemicals,Pharmaceuticals and Food Industries

In the areas of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, there are numerous possible applications for Flottweg Tricanter®, Sedicanter® and Sorticanter® machines as well as decanters, belt presses and separators.

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Waste-water cleaning technologies details

Municipal Waste

Flottweg has more than 50 years of experience in dewatering and thickening sewage slurry. We know the special requirements of sewage treatment plants and the water industry.

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Aerial view of enormous copper mine at palabora, south africa

Industrial Waste

Residues containing oil are created wherever oil is extracted or processed. Flottweg decanters, Tricanter®, separators and systems offer an environmentally friendly solution to a number of applications in the processing industry.

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