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About Euroby

Our services have enabled many companies and utilities to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of their waste management programmes and food and beverage production.

Euroby Limited is a leading UK environmental waste equipment provider and well-regarded processing expert based in Worthing, Sussex with a factory/workshops in the Midlands. Although originally formed in 1996 to provide consultancy services to the power industry, the level of the group’s technical expertise led them to swiftly diversify into the water sector.

Our mission is to:

  • To fulfil our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations in quality, delivery, and cost.
  • To provide high quality products using highly skilled dedicated employees and suppliers.
  • To provide high standards of service via highly trained, field engineers, plant operators and customer service personnel.
  • To supply energy efficient products and services and promote practices that respect our Earth and the Environment.
  • To deliver install and maintain energy efficient products and services and promote business practices that respect our Earth and the Environment.
  • To provide opportunities for the development and career growth of our employees.

We have the expertise and experience to source and supply within a tight timescale for large, difficult and complicated projects, often mobilising plant and personnel within just a few days.

Our ethic is to fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. This is achieved with our “State of the art” products and practices and a high standard of service delivered by skilled employees and suppliers. We see ourselves as a forward-thinking company constantly striving to improve the environment whilst seeking opportunities for further growth.

From our point of view we want to grow long term partnerships with our customers. It isn’t our objective to secure sales on a one-off basis; we much prefer to create lasting, loyal business relationships because we want our customers to contact us again should they need further support or additional machinery.

Reducing operational costs and increasing the sustainability of procedures is made possible courtesy of Euroby’s wide range of products and services. Its all-encompassing product portfolio comprises equipment such as decanter & special purpose centrifuges & separators, belt conveyors, lime stabilisation systems, filter presses, filter plates and belt filter presses, whilst its capabilities extend to system design, supply (sale or mobile dewatering rental), installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and client training.


We can design, supply, install, commission, operate, maintain, refurbish and provide training for your environmental waste treatment requirements or food/beveraging processing. Our products and services are complementary to each other and include:

  • Centrifuge sales and rental (decanter and disc stack separators)
  • Filter Press sales and rental
  • Filter Plate and cloth sales
  • Belt Filter Press sales and rental
  • Mobile sludge and effluent dewatering units for hire (Centrifuge and other technologies)
  • Centrifuge Maintenance and refurbishment (all manufacturers)
  • Lime stabilisation systems sales and rental
  • Belt Conveyors sales and rental
  • Sludge Drum Thickener sales and rental
  • Filter press maintenance and refurbishment
  • Operational Services (own and clients equipment)
  • Technical Support


Our maintenance contracts feature 24/7 response for our own products and even those supplied by others.


Our client list includes nearly all of the UK Water Utilities, waste processing and disposal companies, oil refineries, steel manufacturers, breweries, juice manufacturers, food and beverage producers, power utilities, specialist processors including energy from waste, AD process users, Bio fuels and bio product producers and many other industrial companies.