Euroby installs a Flottweg Separator at major UK brewery

Euroby has recently completed the installation of a Flottweg Clarifier at one of the UK’s best-known breweries. This is the first UK brewery to use this advanced model of the Flottweg clarifier and will certainly not be the last.

The Scottish brewery took the decision to replace its ageing technology with a new state of the art clarifier, the Flottweg Separator type AC2000-420 hyg. Skid Mounted, which will be used for clarification of all beer types within the brewery.

Why use a Euroby clarifier installation?

 Freshly brewed beer naturally contains a whole host of different particles, including yeast, hop residue and various other by-products of the brewing process. There are different approaches that can be used to remove these and leave a clear liquid with an appetising appearance, one of which and the most popular, is by using a clarifier.

Without looking too deep into the science, this involves spinning the liquid in a circle. The faster it spins, the more the particles will be pushed outwards from the centre – it’s a little like a big dipper ride when we would experience 2 – 3 times the force of gravity, whereas in a clarifier bowl we exert around 6000 – 8000 times the force of gravity – resulting in high efficiency solids removal and beautiful (bright) clear beer.

About the new installation

 This year, the brewery is celebrating its 300th year of operation, but this latest addition to its technology proves that it is not stuck in the past. The machine was delivered by Euroby to the historic facility in modular design and had to be lifted into the newly refurbished centrifuge room through the roof by crane.

Once in, it was a relatively simple matter of connecting the process pipework and electrical connection to the control panel. With these in place, the machine was ready to be pressed into action.

A range of applications

As is the case with any successful brewery these days, this one has a large range of different beers in its portfolio. The beauty of the Flottweg AC2000-420 is that its smart menus on the control panel mean it can switch from one beer recipe to another without the need to change any major settings.

The smart technology does not stop there, however. The clarifier is linked to its manufacturers in Germany, who are able to monitor its operation remotely, should the customer require them to do so.

Changing times in the brewing sector

Brewing is one of the UK’s most traditional industries. However, that does not mean time stands still, and technological advances are as important here as they are in any other sector. This new installation at one of the UK’s oldest breweries is a perfect example of how modern tech can help traditional businesses to be more successful than ever in the modern age, and Euroby is proud to play an active role in helping them to do so.