Welcoming Michael Kimberley to the Euroby team

Like everyone, the team at Euroby has been striving to stay positive over these challenging months. At times like these, it is more important than ever to focus on good news, so we take great pleasure in announcing that Michael Kimberley has joined the team as Sales Manager – Dewatering Technologies.

Michael brings 20 years of industry experience in sales. We are certain that his knowledge and expertise will be an instrumental part of Euroby’s continued success and future growth.

We met up with Michael for a virtual Q and A session so that everyone can get to know him better.

20 years is a long time! Tell us a bit about your career to date.

I’ve always worked in the UK water utility sector. Initially, it was in an internal sales support role, and that’s where I really cut my teeth and got to know the industry. In time, I moved to external client-facing roles. It means I’ve built relationships with most of the main contractors that serve the UK water utilities.

Have you always been involved with dewatering technology?

Yes, it’s mainly been sales of solid/liquid separation equipment, decanter centrifuges, belt presses, belt thickeners, drum thickeners and that sort of equipment.

And so here you are at Euroby! What attracted you to the company?

The first thing that struck me about Euroby was the incredible range of products they have on offer. But when I got to know the company better, I found that extends to the services too. There’s real innovation at work here that places the product and service offerings right at the forefront in the market. As soon as I met the team, it became clear that these are people who really understand the industry. I’m looking forward to bringing my own knowledge and experience to be a part of that. Euroby will also give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge, for example by getting into the rental business, which is new to me.

Stepping away from business topics for a moment, what you get up to outside work?

Family is hugely important to me. Jackie and I have been married for 40 years now, and we have two grown up children. We love spending time with our two grandchildren, who are aged 2 and 3. My other big passion is ten pin bowling. I took it up in about 1990 when a bowling centre opened up close to my home, and I’ve never looked back! When my two kids decided to give it a try, I found myself getting immersed in the junior leagues. I’ve done just about everything over the years, including administration of the junior leagues and officiating in games. Now I’m a qualified level one coach, and it’s great to help get the next generation involved in the sport.

Finally, with 20 years’ experience – you must really love sludge dewatering!

I’d never really thought of it like that, but yes, large parts of my career have been around solid/liquid separation processes of one sort or another. Looking back, I have been at my happiest when I have been working with products for sludge dewatering. I guess a bit of magic happens when sludge is dewatered!