Our Rental Decanter Centrifuges are on the move

Off we go again – from thickening sewage sludge to dewatering paper sludge 

Euroby had just loaded one of its many Mobile rental Fleet Decanter centrifuges at a London Sewage Treatment Works where it has been thickening 70m3 of sewage each hour for 24 hours a day.  The machine is a Flottweg containerised C5E. In the container is a complete dewatering and thickening process which is now en route for yet another project time dewatering 50 – 60m3 every hour 24 hours each day of paper sludge in the South East.

Tough and reliable, our centrifuge rental equipment can incorporate polymer dosing systems, munchers, lime and cake mixers, odour control, sludge pasteurisation processes. They are supplied as self-contained turn-key units on a custom design trailer or on a skid which can be located within a building, portable structure or simply “outside”. Both options are designed for maximum operating efficiency and ease of maintenance complete and ready to use with all service connections and cake discharge conveyor.

The reliability of our dewatering fleet is supported by a vast stock of essential spares and our experienced engineers and technicians on a 24/7 basis including weekends and Bank Holidays.