Mobile or permanent oxygenation systems available

Euroby are offering a complete mobile or permanent oxygenation system which can produce up to 1000kg of pure oxygen per day.

The unit is self-contained and houses an oxygen generator – however, the really clever part; our patented IP is in the oxygen injection and distribution system.

Euroby are able to entrain the oxygen in a side stream taken from a ditch, aeration lane, basin etc. and reintroduce it into the system at a more or less molecular level.

There are many advantages to this:

  • Highly efficient – 30% less to run than surface aeration or membrane diffusers
  • Direct injection of pure oxygen from a generator (no bottled gas or storage required) into a stream taken from the ditch, aeration lane or basin in question.
  • PLC control and monitoring ensures consistent DO levels.
  • No hardware required in the ditch, aeration lane or basin
  • No maintenance in the ditch, aeration lane or basin required – e.g. cleaning/replacement of membranes
  • The aeration bubbles are extremely small – almost molecular levels – giving much better retention and distribution. There is also some evidence that any “conventionally” derived oxygen may be being picked up by the process and retained longer. The result of this is significant reduction in sludge levels. The recent trial showed sludge volume reduction from 18 to 11%.
  • In the first instance we can offer a turnkey mobile system which generates 500-1000kg O2 per day, dependent upon requirements. This is particularly suitable to emergency situations where rapid oxygenation – and therefore recovery – is required
  • This process is also suitable for permanent installations where energy reductions in the region of 30% can be expected over conventional aeration techniques.

If you are interested, and have a current requirement please let us know – trial/rental units available.