Euroby forms new partnership with INDAG in exclusive Agency Agreement

On 10 September, Euroby concluded the principles of an all-new Agency Agreement with INDAG Maschinenbau for sales of their equipment within Great Britain. The Agreement will be formalized on both sides over the coming weeks, once final details have been ironed out, but its principles can be acted on straight away.

Introducing INDAG

In the early 1950s, engineer Martin Willuhn was a pioneer in the development of internally geared displacement pumps for moving viscous media. He launched INDAG in 1953, and over the subsequent decades, the business grew to become one of the most respected in its field. In the 1990s, the company expanded into the field of developing specific pumps and mixers into complete systems. These were sold under the FlowMix brand name for which they are most famous today.

INDAG continues to be a pioneer, using the latest CAD technology and flexible manufacturing processes, yet it remains a family business, managed by Wilko Willuhn, the founder’s son. The company has traditional values combined with cutting edge technology and an innovative mindset. It’s an ethos that we can identify with at Euroby, and we cannot wait to develop our strategic partnership with them.

Saving our clients money through FlowMix efficiencies

Under the new Agreement, Euroby will be INDAG’s exclusive sales agent for its FlowMix solution in Great Britain. So what is FlowMix all about? In short, FlowMix is a single-stage, polymer dissolution unit for liquid polymer. At its core is a mixing pump that constantly and dynamically supplies the necessary mixing energy during the pumping process.

The pump feeds dilution water and polymer into the inlet chamber in carefully metered quantities. The mixing energy is applied at the precise point where the polymer and the water make contact. The result is the formation of a three-dimensional net structure, without the lumps that usually form using conventional units.

FlowMix provides a highly efficient means of bringing the polymer into solution, increasing effectiveness and simultaneously reducing consumption. Its key advantages over alternative solutions can be summarised as follows:

• Precise metering of polymer
• Continuous inline operation
• Homogeneous mixture
• Uses less space
• Lower cost than large mixing and buffer tanks
• Fully developed polymer solution
• Higher dry substance
• Reduced polymer consumption

A range of solutions across multiple industries

FlowMix is the technology for which INDAG has become best known, but the company also provides a range of other mixing products for use in both the food industry and non-food settings. Again, this provides a perfect fit with the range of industries across which Euroby operates and has established relationships in the UK.

INDAG’s inline mixers have applications in dairy, confectionary, food, beverages and baked goods in the food sector. In non-food they are used in chemistry, plastics, cosmetics and environmental settings.

Keep an eye out for the INDAG equipment which will soon be added to this website.

Building partnerships for the future

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. Yet by building partnerships, businesses like Euroby and INDAG can emerge from these challenges stronger than ever, delivering higher quality services and better business efficiencies to our clients.