Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF)

The SAF process is based on individual cells which are arranged in series and through which the wastewater flows. Each cell contains a rigid block media on which biomass forms.  A fine bubble diffuser system feeds oxygen from blowers in the control kiosk to promote the growth of the biomass. Wastewater passes through the biomass which feeds on the BOD and the clean effluent exits from the final cell.

Submerged Aerated Systems KioskThe plant is robust, reliable and requires minimal operator involvement. There are no moving parts in the tank – diffusers have a design life of 15 years and the kiosk is thermostatically controlled for reliability.

The control system can be supplied to customer’s specifications

Typical effluent quality after treatment up to 30mg/l TSS, 20mg/l BOD and 10mg/l Nitrogen as Ammonia, or better, with results verified by the Environment Agency.