DLM / S HP High Pressure Mixer

INDAG dynamic inline mixers are used in polymerization as well as in extrusion and compounding processes. The requirements for the mixing technology for mixing additives or a masterbatch into highly viscous polymer are: pressures up to 160 bar, viscosities up to 70,000,000 mPas and temperatures up to 330 °. Examples of products to be mixed are: polyethylene PE, polyamide PA, polyethylene terephthalate PET, TPU thermoplastic polyurethane, PS polystyrene, polybutylene terephthalate PBT or polycarbonate PC. The high-pressure mixer type DLM / S HP adapts by covering a large speed range and allowing a wide variety of additive concentrations.

Advantages of the DLM / S HP

  • Efficient construction
    Optimal implementation and fulfillment of customer requirements in a construction without unnecessarily going beyond the requirements.
  • Flexibility
    The inline mixer can be flexibly adapted to the mixing task in a wide capacity range (t / h) and concentration range. After purchasing an inline mixer, the customer can change both the production output, the additive and the mixture concentration.
  • Low pressure loss
    The inline mixer does not generate any pressure loss. Existing pumps do not have to be replaced by stronger ones.
  • Easy
    to clean The inline mixer is very easy to clean. This reduces cleaning costs and enables a quick product change.
  • Low maintenance costs
    The inline mixer is easy to dismantle, which only leads to short downtimes during maintenance. The maintenance costs of an inline mixer are € 10,000 / year and those of an extruder are € 100,000 / a.
  • Lower energy consumption
    The energy consumption of an inline mixer compared to an extruder is significantly lower.
  • Complete solutions
    At the customer’s request, INDAG also supplies a complete dosing and mixing solution. Including pumps and double-walled piping.