DLM/M Dynamic Inline Mixer

INDAG dynamic in-line mixers type DLM / M are used for gentle and homogeneous mixing of mostly shear-sensitive products. Only DLM/M rotor is equipped with mixing elements. Therefore even fibrous particles will not lead to blockage of mixer.

For Food

For example, fruit concentrate is mixed into yoghurt or quark and chocolate into ice cream. For a mousse au chocolat, chocolate is folded into an egg white foam without destroying the sensitive foam. Sodium hydroxide solution is mixed into a vegetable oil to neutralize it. A flavor is mixed into a fat mass.

For Non-Food

A small selection of examples for applications are: Mixing of sewage sludge + polymer solution; mixing of paper sludge + polymer solution; mixing of sewage sludge + high pressure steam; mixing of caustic lye + water; mixing of lubricant + additive; mixing wax + additive; mixing of aerated foams + additive without reducing quality of foam.

Advantages of the DLM / M

  • Very good self-cleaning during CIP cleaning.
  • No pressure loss
  • No clogs or clogs
  • Very good homogeneous mixing result
  • Variable, changeable mixed energy by changing the speed via frequency converter
  • Execution with double jacket and further product connections possible
  • Gentle mixture of sensitive products

Technology of the DLM / M

The INDAG mixer type DLM / M only has mixing elements on the rotor. The stator (housing) has no mixing elements. The rotor of the DLM / M mixer can be equipped with different mixing element geometries. The optimal geometry depends on the products to be mixed. The mixers have a modular structure. Each mixer can optionally be converted from a single-acting to a double-acting mechanical seal at a later date.