DLM / KS Sewage Sludge Mixer

INDAG hydrolysis mixer type DLM / KS is used for the efficient hydrolysis of sewage sludge. The goal is the energy-efficient mixing of the superheated steam into the sewage sludge. This is achieved by condensing the superheated steam in the mixer. Without intensive mixing of the superheated steam, a large amount of heat is lost unused. The volume of downstream reactors can also be reduced. The hydrolyzed sewage sludge can be dewatered more in a second dewatering stage. The sewage sludge dewatered in this way has a high TS content. If this sewage sludge is transported further, e.g. for incineration, transport costs are saved.

Advantages of the DLM / KS

  • No pressure loss
  • No clogs or clogs
  • Homogeneous mixing result
  • Variable, changeable mixed energy by changing the speed via frequency converter
  • Higher TS values ​​of the dewatered sewage sludge
  • Significantly lower energy consumption