DLM/H Dynamic Inline Mixer

The INDAG homogenizer type DLM / H is used for the effective emulsification, dispersion, grinding and mixing of liquids and solids. For example, in the manufacture of cosmetics, oil, water and emulsifier are combined to form a stable emulsion. Mayonnaise is made from oil, vinegar solution and egg using a DLM / H homogenizer. Droplet sizes of less than 1 µm are achieved at rotor circumferential speeds> 20 m / s and the narrowest gaps. Another example of the use of a homogenizer is the mixing of phosphoric acid or citric acid in vegetable oil for degumming. The DLM / H can also be used to grind solids in liquids, such as pieces of onion or corn.

Advantages of the DLM / H

  • Very good self-cleaning during CIP cleaning
  • Efficient input of mixed energy
  • Modular structure of the machine
  • Hygienic construction
  • Execution with double jacket and further product connections possible