DLM/FS Dynamic Inline Mixer

The INDAG solid / liquid mixer type DLM / FS is used for the continuous mixing of liquids with solids. The solids can be up to 20 mm in size (spherical diameter) or in powder form. The proportion of liquid is usually the greater proportion by weight. The solids are mixed in very gently at low speed so that they are not damaged. Solids can also be mixed into foams without damaging the foams. Some examples from a number of use cases are: mixing chocolate + nuts; Fruit gum + crispies; Sugar mass + citric acid powder; Whipped cream + chocolate chips; Cream cheese + herbs; …

Advantages of the DLM / FS

  • Very good self-cleaning during CIP cleaning.
  • Very good homogeneous mixing result even when mixing in very small quantities (0.1%).
  • Efficient input of mixed energy
  • Variable, changeable mixed energy by changing the speed via frequency converter
  • Temperature increase of the products less than 1 ° C
  • Gentle mixing of shear-sensitive products
  • Easy disassembly with manual cleaning