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Polymer Preparation Systems

Introducing the FlowMix® MD – for efficient preparation of polymer solution

The INDAG polymer dissolving station type FlowMix® MD is a single-stage, continuously operating dissolving and dosing station for liquid polymers. The heart of the system is the INDAG mixing pump, which dynamically introduces the mixing energy required for the dissolving process during the pumping process.

The mixing pump conveys the dissolving water and the polymer into the suction chamber of the mixing pump via two separate suction nozzles. The required mixing energy is supplied exactly at the point at which the polymer meets the water. The polymer suddenly forms a three-dimensional network structure with a large surface. The working solution is already ready to use on the pressure side of the mixing pump. A maturing time (maturing time = time required for the formation of the three-dimensional network structure) is not required for the polymer used. Lump formation – as often found in chamber systems – is prevented by the high mixing energy input.

The polymer used is thus brought into solution economically and effectively. This reduces the polymer consumption compared to conventional dissolving technology. The FlowMix can be driven directly to the consumer (dewatering, thickening machine or flotation).

Alternatively, a buffer tank equipped with level sensors can be used. The FlowMix is ​​then switched on via the min. Contact and switched off via the max. Contact. A feed pump and a flow meter must then be installed behind the buffer tank.

Advantages of the FlowMix® MD

  • Exact metering of the polymer with Coriolis force mass flow meter
  • Homogeneous mixture
  • Compact, space-saving solution
  • Continuous operation
  • Saving of large stirring and buffer tanks
  • High, directly introduced mixing energy, fully developed polymer solution with high charge density
  • Higher TS values
  • Polymer-saving, economical solution


  • Unit capacity: from 300 l/h to 24,000 l/h
  • Concentration: Standard – 0,05% to 1% PE-content, other execution possible
  • Size: Length 1500 x width 1000 x height 1300
  • Control system: SIEMENS SPS S7
  • Operation: By SIEMENS Touchpanel, Capacity and concentration are controlled at a pre-set level.
  • Electrical connections: 110V to 440V, 50 Hz and 60Hz, 3 Phase
  • Viskosity: Max. 5,000mPas
  • Pressure height: Max. 30m
  • Materials: 1.4301 (AISI 304), 1.4404 (AISI 316L), product also gets in contact to 1.4539

Capacities of FlowMix® MD

Performance rangel / h300-1,600700-3,6001,200-6,0002,400-12,0004,800-24,000
Amount of polymerl / h1-152-304-606-908-120
Concentration range%0.05-1.000.05-1.000.05-1.000.05-1.000.05-1.00
Maximum viscositymPas5,0005,0005,0005,0005,000
Print heightm15th25th30th30th30th

Dimensions of the FlowMix® MD

lengthmm1.5201.52015201,520on demand
widthmm1,0001,0001,0001,000on demand
heightmm1,6001,6001,6001,600on demand
Weightkg210240280320on demand
Polymer connectioninch1111on demand
Water connectioninch111 ½1 ½on demand
Solution connectioninch111 ½2on demand