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Filter Press Plates

Euroby has been a distributor of European high quality competitively priced press plates and membranes for many years in the UK and Ireland

A range of plate types are available with standard recessed or membrane inflation and can be supplied with cloth wash and cake discharge systems. These plates are supplied to all of the leading filter press manufacturers for inclusion in their presses and can be retrofitted into all makes of press, including those currently fitted with rubber steel plates.

We also provide plates as replacement and upgrades on existing filter presses to end users. For more information about our filter press sales click here, or visit our downloads area for data-sheets on filter press plates.

Typical Membrane & Chamber Filter Plates

  • Euroby favour the Klinkau and Envirotech polypropylene filter plates due to their quality and resilience – they can be easily retrofitted into virtually any press frame including those still currently fitted with old cast iron plates.
  • Many advantages can be achieved including, the reduced weight of these plates can reduce overall wear on the press frame mechanics.
  • Filtration characteristics are greatly improved due to the design of filtration surfaces.

Filter Presses

Our filter press units manufactured by TEFSA are available in a range of sizes to suit customer’s specific wastewater requirement from small manually operated 500mm units to large fully automated 2mtr x 2mtr systems.