Flottweg Tricanter ®

3-phase separationtricanter-thum

The Flottweg Tricanter® is a horizontal solid bowl centrifuge which performs a three-phase separation; the simultaneous separation of two immiscible liquids with different densities and one solid phase.

  • Typical applications include the separation of oil, water and solids in oil sludge, recovery of animal /vegetable oils, fats and wheat starch/gluten separation.
  • Unlike a Decanter the Tricanter discharges the two liquid phases separately.

Feed and discharge devices with control lever for the adjustable impeller of the Flottweg Tricanter®
The Flottweg Tricanter® discharges the heavy liquid through an adjustable impeller under pressure and the light phase by gravity.

The variable impeller allows for precise on-the-fly adjustment of the pond depth and liquid-liquid separation zone. This optimizes the purity of the liquids to such an extent that it may eliminate downstream equipment. Capacities to 80m3/hr.

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Tricanter Internals - Flow of liquids and solids