Flottweg Separator – Disc Stack centrifuge

separator-thumbSelf-cleaning Disc Stack centrifuges for liquid/solid separation are essential in many technical processes. Capacities to 85 m3/hr.

The rotation speed of a Disc Stack centrifuge is much higher than most other centrifuges in industry. The centrifugal force in a Disc Stack bowl is higher than that for example of a decanter.  Hence Disc Stack centrifuges are more suitable for processes which require high separation efficiency or the separation of micro particles, or liquid phases having a very small difference in density.

The Disc Stack centrifuge has a wide range of applications including but not restricted to food and beverage, animal and vegetable fats and oils, chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, mineral oil products, energy production, and environmental protection. Click here to watch a video of the Flottweg Separator.

Separators are essentially designed for three basic process operations:

  • Clarifier – Finely dispersed particles are separated from a fluid (e.g. trub solids in juice)
  • Purifier – Separation of a liquid with higher density from a continuous liquid phase with lower density e.g. water droplets from mineral oil – the separation of solids at the same time is also possible.
  • Concentrator – Separation of a liquid with lower density from a continuous liquid phase with high density e.g. oil from water – the separation of solids at the same time is possible.

Advantages of self-cleaning Disc Stack centrifuges

Compared to other centrifuges and filter systems, self-cleaning Disc Stack centrifuges offer several advantages:

  • Compact design, small footprint, yet high flow rates
  • Separation of finely dispersed particles
  • Liquid-liquid separation of fluids with minor difference in density
  • Closed design that prevents odour emission or contamination of product and environment (optional)
  • Easy to operate and control through continuous and automatic operation
  • No filter cloth, additives, or flocculants necessary

Typical applications

Chemical/pharmaceutical/biotechnical – Whey clarification, process water in the starch industry, algae (food additives), industrial biotechnology/fermentation broth, solvents, chemical waste water

Oils and fats – Land animal fat and fish oil, vegetable oil, algae (biofuels), olive oil, biodiesel

Industry/mineral oil – Slop oil/waste oil treatment in combination with the Flottweg Tricanter®