Sedicanter ®

sedicanter-thumbHorizontal high ‘g’ force solid bowl centrifuge for continuous separation of suspended fines from liquids with pasty or slimy sediments.

The FLOTTWEG SEDICANTER® is used for the separation of solids from liquids when the solids form a soft to flowable sediment.  It is used in applications where the solids are too fine to be processed in a normal decanter and the sediment cannot be easily discharged from the decanter due to its soft consistency.

During the separation process, the liquid and the solids move in the same direction without having to pass through a turbulent inlet zone. The centrate is discharged through an adjustable impeller whilst the sediment accumulates in the SEDICANTER®, and is then hydraulically pressed out of the bowl beneath an immersion disc.


Applications for the SEDICANTER® include “soft products” such as biomasses, yeast suspensions, protein suspensions, fermentation broths, and many more.

Technical Features

  • Up to 10,000 g centrifugal force to facilitate the separation of very fine, slowly settling solids
  • Uniquely designed feed distributor and bowl seal to prevent foaming in the product inlet zone
  • Gas tight machine design (optional)
  • Clean-in-place provisions available to meet pharmaceutical industry standards
  • Fluoropolymer rotor seals available for critical applications
  • Optional drives including the FLOTTWEG SIMP-DRIVE®
  • Capacities to 50m3/hr

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