OSE Thickening Centrifuge

KA Dueren OSEEfficient Centrifuge Technology for Use in Pre-Digestion Thickening

OSE Decanters operate at a very low main speed, reducing electrical power consumption. In addition the Flottweg Recuvane® System reduces power demand by another 20 %. Together, with a very low polymer consumption of 1-2 kg/ton of dry solids; operating costs are at a minimum.  Even polymer-free operation is achievable.

The decomposing process in a wastewater treatment facility continually generates waste sludge. The removed sludge is called surplus sludge and is subsequently pumped into a digester. To make optimum use of the volume in the digester, the surplus sludge is usually thickened to between 5 and 8% dry solids, depending on the pump capacity and thickening technology used.

To maximize biogas yield, Flottweg OSE Thickening Centrifuges are used to constant, smooth feeding of the digester, using solid regulation in the thickened sludge. A set point of 6%, for example, can be maintained constantly and automatically via a thickened sludge feedback control loop, resulting in an efficient and stable digestion process.  OSE Decanters (which are based on Flottweg’s C series) are specifically adapted to the thickening of sludge.  They feature significantly better separation qualities than other decanter centrifuges.

The Flottweg OSE Decanter supports optimum digestion and gas yield while simultaneously requiring a small footprint and reducing operating costs.

OSE centrifuges are also used to thicken co-settled sludge (primary and secondary) prior to THP Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Industrial Sludge.

Flottweg OSE Thickening Centrifuges are well proven in cities such as Hamburg, Duisburg/Oberhausen, Berlin and London. Typical throughput/centrifuge is 20 – 220m3/hr. Contrary to popular belief, surplus sludge thickening via decanter centrifuges is an option to be considered for small plants as well.

Advantages of using Flottweg OSE Thickening centrifuges:

  • Highest Biogas yield by controlled thickened sludge concentration
  • Lowest operating costs due to reduced/eliminated flocculent requirement and optimised energy use
  • Additional 20% energy savings by using the Flottweg Recuvane® System
  • Maximum availability thanks to the maintenance friendly, easy access design of the C series
  • No health hazards for plant staff (enclosed system prevents aerosol pollution, odours and contamination)
  • Automatic 24/7 operation with scheduled start/stop possible
  • Small footprint allows replacement of other technology with limited or no construction required.