The Flottweg C Series Decanter Centrifuge

website-decanter-cseriesThe high-performance of the Flottweg C series achieves the best possible values for total dry solids in the sludge with reduced energy costs

investment in the latest dewatering technology from Flottweg can be amortized over a very short time!

Sewage treatment plants increase quality and efficiency requirements year after year demanding lower energy and disposal costs. As a result, our new C series centrifuge has been developed to meet these demands for dewatering the sludge.

Flottweg explicitly developed the C series to meet the requirements of the wastewater market.

By combining an energy-efficient, powerful Flottweg Simp Drive®, with continuously optimised decanter geometry, Flottweg decanter centrifuges achieve values several percentage points above those of other models. The capacity range enables any requirement to be economically satisfied – currently the largest CSeries machine is the C7E which is capable of processing up to 120m3/hr.

The continuous further development of Flottweg decanter centrifuges guarantees not only user-friendly control, but also optimum sludge thickening (the OSE) and the best possible sludge dewatering (HTS).


Energy savings in wastewater treatment, up to and including energy-autonomous sewage treatment plants, are no longer just nice to have but actually a firm requirement of the environmental community.

The Flottweg C series accelerates the incoming separation medium in a particularly advantageous manner. Thanks to the combination of a large and geometrically optimised sludge discharge, power consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.  Euroby’s customers also have the option of using the Flottweg Recuvane® System in some cases enabling energy savings of up to 50% ! That’s as sustainable as it gets.

Benefits Include:

  • No health risk for system personnel (no aerosol pollution, escaping contamination or odours due to its closed system)
  • Continuously provides the best possible separation results due to its automatic and independent regulation of the bowl and differential speeds (Simp Drive®)
  • Minimum downtime – thanks to the maintenance friendly, easy access design
  • Greater sedimentation volumes (due to the deep pond and steep cone) permit a higher power density (by 10 – 20%) in a smaller footprint
  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 30% due to large, geometrically optimised sludge discharge
  • Reduction in operating costs due to reduced flocculant consumption
  • Energy savings of about 20% using the Flottweg Recuvane® System
  • Minimal supervision required – includes automated 24/7 operation
  • Highest possible service life due to the use of high quality stainless steel (corrosion and acid resistant) and an optimised wear protection package

The Flottweg Recuvane® System

The majority of electric power is required to accelerate the separation medium. After separation, the liquid (centrate) exits the system, leaving the rotational energy created unused. The Flottweg Recuvane® System allows customers to recover part of that rotational energy. The Recuvane® System centrate discharge unit supports the main drive, leading directly to a reduction in electrical power consumption of about 20%.

The Flottweg Simp Drive® – providing automatic regulation and full torque

The Simp Drive® regulates the differential speed between the decanter bowl and the decanter scroll depending on the scroll torque. This is carried out during on-going operation. The bowl and scroll are completely independent of one another. The Flottweg Simp Drive® provides full torque both with the bowl at rest and at maximum speed. During on-going operation, any change in feed rate is continuously detected by automatic torque regulation, this permits Flottweg to ensure the best possible dry solids % cake is produced.