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  • Centrifuge Sales – We are the UK Agent for Flottweg SE, supplying the company’s comprehensive range of dewatering and thickening centrifuges for all applications and types of materials.
  • Filter Press Sales – Our Filter Press units are available in side bar and overhead designs with a range of plate types and materials to suit all applications.
  • Filter Plate Sales – A range of plate types are available with standard recessed or membrane inflation and can be supplied with cloth wash and cake discharge systems.
  • Belt Filter Press Sales – The low energy bills and frugal polymer consumption of belt dewatering systems appeals to the cost conscious, without compromising on performance or reliability.
  • Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF) – Our Submerged Air Filtration Systems offer effective reduction of B.O.D, both in municipal and industrial applications.
  • Belt Conveyors – We offer a belt conveyor system which although particularly suitable for the Water Industry will also convey most granular materials and types of cake.
  • Lime Stabilisation Systems – The equipment is supplied either as compact, self-contained units with integrated silo and mixer, or as individual components, depending on site constraints.
  • Sludge Drying – We provide stand-alone equipment through to turnkey plant delivery including design, finance, construction, build, installation, start up and contract operation.

If you are interested in a service or refurbishment of your equipment. We can ensure the operation of your equipment is optimised to reduce costs (energy, fuel, polymer) and/or improve efficiency. Click here for a list of our services.

Used & reconditioned sludge processing equipment for sale

We constantly have a number of used dewatering and sludge processing equipment for sale. each item goes through our rigorous testing and serviced to be in the best possible condition. If you are interested in purchasing used centrifuges, used filter presses, or other environmental waste processing equipment visit our “used machinery” page for the latest deals.