Below are a selection of our testimonials. Further references and testimonials can be supplied upon request.

Emergency Breakdown repairs for Biffa Polymers

I would like to personally thank you and your team for the sterling effort in responding to a breakdown on one of our Flottweg Sorticanter units.

The initial call from my maintenance team to your duty engineer was made on the Friday evening and was in relation to electrical damage caused by a small fire when a bearing seized causing the drive belts to overheat. Following the advice from your duty engineer, the electrical issue was dealt with and the seized bearing was replaced.

Unfortunately in the early hours of the Saturday morning we found the main planetary gear box was also seized after loosing some of the teeth from the planetary gears. Following a phone call from my Maintenance Manager you were able to source a new gearbox from Flottweg, and subsequently organised for it to be shipped by air freight to the UK for collection on the Sunday morning.

I would like to thank you for your personal involvement on the Saturday and Sunday and would also like to thank your duty engineer for his assistance on the Friday evening.

Martin Brass, Engineering & Maintenance Manager

Recent “thank you”  from a well known steel works

“On a side note I have thanked Alan but would like to say how appreciative I am that again the service he provides is impressive.

Having Alan down to service the tricanter to be honest makes my life much easier he gets on with the task in hand requiring very little input or help from us.

This is probably down to his experience and work ethic. Have to say I’m very grateful and again it’s another job well done.”

A big thanks from one of Thames Water’s  Performance Managers – Sludge and Generation

“Thank you all for everything you have done at STW  over the last 17 months (potentially an M25 centrifuge hire record I’ve heard!). We’ve all appreciated everything you’ve done, from the daily records, to the process improvement ideas,

Special mention to Stuart Stokes who has gone above and beyond many times, and made a real difference to the site and team. Even with the clear-out over the last few days, he has assisted in making sure everything goes smoothly for the new team, and even pulled out some of the weeds to leave the area in a much cleaner state than I suspect you found it.”

Dungannon/Geco Commissioning for Veolia

Yes the centrifuges have performed remarkably well “straight out of the box”.

Thames Water Sewage Treatment Works

“Can I take this moment to thank yourself, Richard and your team for all your assistance over the past 6 months in helping us to keep our sewage treatment works compliant. The quality of work, speed of response, the good on-site working relationship and all round level of service and assistance have been great and I am grateful for the help provided.” Kenny Masters, Performance Manager.