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Our services have enabled many companies and utilities to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of their waste management programmes and food and beverage production.

Edible Fats, Oils & Biofuels

Our Centrifuges can be used for Extracting any edible Oil and Fat, and Manufacturing Biofuels

Beverage Production

Our machinery can assist in the manufacturing of many beverages including coffee, beer, wine and fruit juices.

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Food

There are a wide range of applications for our mechanical separation technology.

Municipal Waste

We have a large fleet of machinery to enable maximum dewatering and thickening of Municipal sewage sludge.

Industrial Waste

Our equipment is used worldwide in many industries including Steel, Oil, and processing Mineral deposits.

We provide a comprehensive service to deal with all sludge and effluent-related problems involving the treatment, thickening and dewatering of almost any liquid – from sewage and drinking water to minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food and drinks.

This include the processing of sand and aggregates, fruit and hop based beverages, juices, beer, wine together with exotic food products such as avocado oil, flax, lupin seeds and soy beans.

We also process fish products – our equipment is also used in the process of purifying fish oil for omega 3 and from algae and other nutraceuticals.

Euroby’s highly-skilled and motivated team offer consultancy and design services and can tailor or bespoke solutions, from machine rental and maintenance to the supply of complete turnkey installations.

Do you need to have a machine or individual parts repaired at our workshops?

Do you need to have your machines services, optimized or inspected on-site?

Do you need a spare part for sourced and installed on-site?

Euroby pens new agreement with Polat Makina

Euroby Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of waste processing equipment and dewatering expertise entered into a new partnership with Polat Makina in September 2023.

Used Equipment for sale

Please find below a list of our current used dewatering machinery available for sale. If you are interested in any of the machines listed below please contact our sales team on 01903 69 44 00 or email sales@euroby.com quoting the reference / serial num …

Post-Brexit planning at Euroby

With everything else that has been happening in the world over the past six months, Brexit has been largely pushed from the front pages, and from the forefront of most people’s minds. Nevertheless, the truth remains that the UK has left the European Union and right now there apparently is still no deal on the table.

Euroby forms new partnership with INDAG in exclusive Agency Agreement

On 10 September, Euroby concluded the principles of an all-new Agency Agreement with INDAG Maschinenbau for sales of their equipment within Great Britain. The Agreement will be formalized on both sides over the coming weeks, once final details have bee …

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